Back to School, Back to School, Back to School

“BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO SCHOOL”… Who knew this phrase could happen so frequently in less than a year?!? That hasn’t been the case for Little Sprouts, we’ve been safely open for families all throughout this crazy past year!

Wow though, if you’re reading this you’ve likely had one “character building” year! We hear you on that and want to tell you “well done” in working through it all! We hope you have hope and excitement for the days and years ahead!

Covid on the loose + children in a group setting = ?

Humanity is blessed that the contracting of Covid-19 has affected young children the least over the course of this past year. We are not experts and know that it is still possible, but the data is continuing to show it affects young children the least. This data as well as health authorities like Dr. Fauci are recommending that children should be back to school in most all circumstances.

Little Sprouts (at both locations) as well as most child care and preschools have stayed open to serve families throughout this time. Please check out our Covid Aware page on our website for more details on our current measures in place.
With that said we feel now is a great time for families looking for a great program to join Little Sprouts Academy! On top of our main uniques that you can see on our website here are a few reasons why now is a great time to join us:

  1. Keeping children home or in a bubble might be the best way to keep them away from illnesses… but a next best thing is a smaller class sized setting. As we just opened in Burnsville, our class sizes are smaller for now which benefits you and your little loved one!
  2. Smaller class sizes means more one on one time with your child! Extra care, attention, and education!

Please let us know how we can help! Once again, well done!

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