Every day we are learning and doing something new. From tummy time, to sitting on our own, to the jumperoo there is always something fun to do. Infants grow so fast and we are here to help them along the way with new activities to refine their skills and get them ready for their next stage in life.

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The entry door is locked for the safety of the children and our staff. In order to gain access, Little Sprouts has a computer-based entry system that requires an individual passcode for the front door.

  • All infant teachers are trained with SIDS, CPR, First Aid, and AHT.
  • All toys and play spaces are cleaned each day with soap, water, and sanitizer
  • Child safety locks on all cabinets and refrigerators


The activities at our child care center are developmentally appropriate. We encourage activities that foster growth and coordination. Your child will have a full and active day while in our care.

  • Encourage muscle growth and coordination by sitting, standing, and jumping.
  • Small and large group time reading stories, singing songs or participating in teacher lead activities.
  • Engaging in center-style play.
infant Activities
infant Development


Infants are learning how to form new attachments, and communicate with caregivers. They are learning a significant amount in terms of physical development. Throughout their time in the baby room, they learn to:

  • Sit up without assistance, crawling and walking.
  • Learn sign language to communicate their wants and needs.
  • Socialize with friends and primary care givers.


A major aspect of growth for a new infant in our program is to learn to trust our staff and feel secure. Parents will also be a part of encouraging growth and trust. For example, it can be a smoother transition for the baby if parents start feeding the baby with bottles before they start at the center.

  • Trust our staff and feel secure with us
  • Beginning to soothe themselves and others when they are upset
  • Recognizing others’ emotions
infant Growth
infant Meals


We feed the infants the parent’s choice of breast milk or formula, baby purees, or table food. We follow USDA guidelines and recommendations to provide your child with a well rounded and nutritious meal.

  • Use all-natural and organic food made from scratch
  • Cook with stainless steel dishware
  • Use durable and sustainable eco-conscious dinnerware


We strive to make sure that each child’s needs are met every day through individualized activities. We complete observations and assessments on Lifecubby. Little Sprouts takes the time to get to know each child and learn their individual needs. We help your infants reach goals in these areas:

  • Social and Emotional development
  • Fine and large motor skills
  • Establishing a structured routine
infant Goals

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