Our room is filled with lots of creativity, learning, and active activities to keep our bodies and minds growing as well as having fun. In our room we start to gain a lot more independence and responsibility. Our three year old’s show so much growth and development in this year and we make sure we encourage them in a multitude of ways.

The Little Sprouts 4K program is a Menomonie School District affiliated program. We work closely with the school district to help prepare students to be life-long learners, caring individuals, and responsible citizens.

Junior & Senior Sprouts

preschool safety


The entry door is locked for the safety of the children and our staff. In order to gain access, Little Sprouts has a computer based entry system that requires an individual passcode for the front door.


Throughout the day we:

  • Play in the gym
  • Enjoy the outdoors and learn through movement
  • Yoga
pre k Activities
pre k Development


After Senior Sprouts the kids move on to Kindergarten so it’s all about emotional maturity and whether parents feel their child is ready for Kindergarten. Little Sprouts believes that children add depth to learning and we invite our students to politely interject their thoughts during lessons and ask questions when they arise.

Most children in our class are able:

  • To recognize and appropriately respond to others in a helpful way
  • Continue working on recognizing emotions
  • Independence


We continue to develop:

  • Practice using words to solve conflict
  • Working together as a team and being kind to others
  • Start to identify the letters of the alphabet
  • Talking in sentences of 4 to 5 words or more
pre k Growth
pre k Meals


We follow USDA guidelines and recommendations to provide your child with a well rounded and nutritious meal. When preparing your child’s food, we:

  • Use all-natural and organic food made from scratch
  • Cook with stainless steel dishware
  • Use durable and sustainable eco-conscious dinnerware


Goals for each individual child taken into consideration with weekly plans. We have observations and assessments available on Lifecubby. Little Sprouts encourages children to talk and express themselves. We help facilitate this by having weekly show and tell where they bring something from home to tell the whole class about.

Our goal is to help students realize that they have an important voice in our world. With our focus being on:

  • Kindness
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • High academic goals has been proven successful in preparing for Kindergarten
pre k Goals

Covid Aware

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