We are full of laughter, energy, excitement, and of course learning. Are you asking yourself, what can a one year old actually do and learn? My answer to that would be never ending. At this age children are capable of so much and reach many important milestones. We strive every day to foster that growth in each child.

Pee Wee & Mighty Sprouts

toddler Safety


The entry door is locked for the safety of the children and our staff. In order to gain access, Little Sprouts has a computer based entry system that requires an individual passcode for the front door.


A variety of activities such as group time, free choice, and guided small group time are all part of the curriculum. The child will learn to express themselves through music, movement, dancing, and art. Children will also enjoy:

  • Songs to engage children in developing the skills to listen and understand
  • Teacher-guided activities
  • Flannel boards
  • Books that encourage new vocabulary
toddler Activities
toddler Development


Mastering self-help and toilet training are targeted areas of growth. We build on these skills by encouraging them to use the bathroom without teacher direction.

Little Sprouts provides a structured daily routine to help each child feel comfortable in their surroundings and let the children know if things are different. Children will start to learn:

  • Using the toilet
  • To solve simple conflicts among each other
  • Counting, recognizing basic shapes, sorting, and comparison.


Children will focus on:

  • Demonstrating an awareness of their emotions
  • Mastering 2-3 word phrases
  • Beginning to work on building full sentences
toddler Growth
toddler Meals


We follow USDA guidelines and recommendations to provide your child with a well rounded and nutritious meal. When preparing your child’s food, we:

  • Use all-natural and organic food made from scratch
  • Cook with stainless steel dishware
  • Use durable and sustainable eco-conscious dinnerware


Goals for each child taken into consideration with weekly plans. We have observations and assessments available on Lifecubby. Little Sprouts strives to give children the independence that they need and teach them how to go about doing that through their physical development. Children will learn:

  • Three-word sentences
  • Phrases
  • Understand multiple-step tasks
toddler Goals

Covid Aware

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