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Little Sprouts is the best childcare center, daycare, and preschool in Menomonie, WI endorsed and Certified by National Accreditation Commission, Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition, Children’s Environmental Health Network, and Nature Explore, we aim to build up people so they may, in turn, build up others. We make a meaningful early childhood development to our little sprouts by providing a fun, innovative, and eco-healthy experience.

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Little Sprouts serves children, families, and staff by providing a learning environment that is fun, innovative, and eco-healthy.

We are honored to be an extension of each child’s family, recognizing that the family is the primary caregiver and source for all areas of development. We want Little Sprouts to be a partner with your family and feel like a “second home”.

At Little Sprouts, we focus on the “whole child” including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. We aim to foster curiosity, uniqueness, self-esteem, self-worth, self-discipline, independence, patience, collaboration, and respect for self, others, and the environment. Through experiential learning, children have opportunities to develop academically in language and literacy skills, math, science, social studies, the arts, cooking, and technology. We provide an environment where children can explore values and seek to learn about differences and uniqueness, while also bringing people together with similarities.

Little Sprouts understands the importance of connecting with families and building upon children’s home experiences. We also believe that connecting experiences at our center with the happenings in children’s daily lives helps to build a deeper understanding of how children learn best. At Little Sprouts we guide children to learn and develop by giving a wide variety of opportunities to play and explore the world around them in order to reach their full potential at each milestone in their development.

Not only do we find education a priority at Little Sprouts, but the environment surrounding children is highly valued as well. We help children by carefully planning the environment they learn in, toys they play with, food they eat, water they drink, and chemicals they are exposed to. At Little Sprouts, we strive to keep as many toxins and chemicals out of our bodies as possible. Whether it is the food, water, cleaning products, or air; we strive to keep it all clean!