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Little Sprouts Academy is proud to be serving our communities during this challenging time. In Menomonie we have safely been able to stay open throughout and our location in Burnsville just had its grand opening this fall of 2020! (Yep, that’s right with the process started way before covid we have opened a second location in the midst of covid!) In general we are continually updating our operations to meet new state and federal guidelines as they become available.

Regulations have been put in place to help ensure the health and safety of our teachers, staff, and children. Thorough hygienic and sanitary procedures are a standard part of our operation. However, we have increased measures in these areas to help compensate for COVID-19.

At Sprouts we do always like to take a proactive approach to health, to build our immune systems to be able to fight off these mean little bugs! From the foods we serve, uplifting environments that aim to build people up, to the ample outdoors space, to our health conscious cleaning supplies, and much more! All these coupled with taking covid seriously leaves us feeling confident and hopeful for what the future holds! (HOPE happens to be one of our core values also!)

For specific questions regarding how COVID-19 is impacting Little Sprouts Academy, feel free to reach out to in Menomonie and in Burnsville. Additionally, we want to thank all of our families and staff for their understanding, patience, and cooperation as we navigate through this time together. We look forward to returning to full classrooms and smiling faces once this time has passed.

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Here are some of the things we do to keep us all healthy and safe:

  • Temps checked at the door with a touch free thermometer
  • Masks worn by adults (There may be some variations based on State licensing.)
  • We ask parents to abide by normal state health symptoms restriction guidelines as well as a more strict guideline due to Covid
  • We have multi step cleaning process as outlined by licensing
  • High touch areas cleaned more regularly
  • We have an outside cleaner that comes nightly to help us clean extra
  • Bin for dirty toys as soiled and all other toys on a regular cleaning schedule
  • High temp sanitizing dishwashers to make sure things are cleaned and sanitized
  • Great outdoor spaces to get the children out and enjoying the fresh air
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We are in two different states and have kept up on two different states guidelines. If needed we also keep a close connection with our local health department as well as our state licensor.

Illness Report

We have created a General Health Check Illness Report that we ask all families to consider before entering the building themselves and bringing their children.

Upon entering the building we trust that none of these symptoms are of concern along with anything else that may be COVID 19 related.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Minnesota department of health
wisconsin department of children and families
centers for disease control and prevention
child care partnership
child care aware of minnesota