Frequently Asked Questions

At Little Sprouts we aim for excellence in meeting the needs of all of our families! We know that along the way everyone is going to have some questions. Here are a few questions that we get asked often! If there are things that you are wondering about and you can’t find the answers here, please don’t hesitate to call 715-233-2035 for the Menomonie location or 952-800-3630 for Burnsville.

We are very proud of the fact that we are currently using WMELS (Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards). We also have monthly social emotional directed themes that we follow. The children will work on individual goals along with learning how to be a good friend, and how to wash their hands among other things.

Please schedule a tour or call us for more information regarding our rates! Contact us at:

Menomonie: 715-233-2035 or

Burnsville: 952-800-3630 or

The Menomonie Little Sprouts location is open Monday- Friday 6am- 6pm. Our Burnsville location is open 6:30am to 7pm. For the most part, we are only closed on public holidays.

We are honored to be an extension of each child’s family, recognizing that the family is the primary caregiver and source for all areas of development. We want Little Sprouts to be a partner with your family and feel like a “second home”! We understand the importance of connecting with families and building upon a child’s home experiences. We also believe that connecting experiences at our center with the happenings in a child’s life helps build a deeper understanding and is how children learn best. At Little Sprouts, we strive to keep as many toxins and chemicals out of our environment as possible. Whether it is the food, water, soap, cleaning products, or air; we strive to keep it all clean! While at the same time, we recognize that nothing is perfect and that we too are always learning, growing, modifying, and making improvements!

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At Little Sprouts we follow the child-to-teacher licensing requirements which work off an age weighted scale.

At our Menomonie location, it breaks down to be infant- two years old is 1 teacher to 4 children. After the age of two the ratio changes to 1 teacher to 6 children and increases as the children get older.

At our Burnsville location, our infant to teacher ratio is 1:4, toddler 1:7, preschooler 1:10, and school-aged children 1:15.

Everyone in contact with children are CPR and first aid certified in both locations.

The answer to both of these is YES! At Little Sprouts we are here for both the children and families and would love to have you as a part of the children’s learning. We strive to have many events during the year that we want you to come to and be a part of our family oriented atmosphere! Look for our annual garden party, birthday party and other fun events!

Yes! Little Sprouts is a breastfeeding friendly child care provider. We do ask that you communicate with the teachers when you are planning on coming so we can make sure that your child is ready for you!

Each room works off a cleaning checklist to insure that all the toys, furnishings, and anything that children are interacting with are getting sanitized daily. We want to ensure that your child’s room is staying clean and ready for them each day.

Children who are ill with a contagious disease or fever over 101 degrees may not attend the program. If a child becomes ill while at the center, a parent will be notified and need to pick up their child within one hour of notification. State licensing regulations prohibit the center from caring for even a mildly ill child. Teaching staff observe each child daily as they enter the classroom for any signs of illness or contagious disease. Additionally: A child must be free from the above symptoms for a full 24 hours before returning to the program.

We have a great online program that records each child’s daily records; this also includes assessments, observations, and much more. We also want to connect with parents each day face to face and make sure they don’t have any ongoing questions or concerns. Communication is vital!

Children will only be released to persons listed on the enrollment form. If anyone other than the child’s parent or someone who is listed on the enrollment form is to pick up a child(ren), we will need to be notified in advance in writing by an Alternative Release form or by telephone. The person picking the child(ren) up, if unlisted and not a regular authorized person, will need to show a driver’s license or other photo ID as proof of identity along with an advanced notice from one of the parents.

The entry door is locked for the safety of the children and our staff. In order to gain access, Little Sprouts has a computer based entry system that requires an individual passcode for the front door.

We find that all children really enjoy going outside year-round. We take all the children out when the weather permits. The infants will go on walks and get to experience their own fenced in grass space when the weather is warm/ cool enough. The older children will go outside twice a day, have opportunities to learn to garden, play games and explore nature.

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