Want to work in an environment whose simple purpose is to:
"Build people up so they may in turn build up others"?

Little Sprouts is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate in our hiring practices on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, religion, political persuasion, national origin, handicap/disability, or ancestry.

Little Sprouts is committed to being PROACTIVE IN ALWAYS KEEPING AN EYE OUT FOR GREAT FIT TEAM MEMBERS for our culture.

Some of our Amazing Benefits Include:

  • Competitive pay that looks beyond just education and experience to things like years of parenting and even your interview and audition in the classrooms!

  • 9 paid holidays when Little Sprouts is closed: (After 90 day probation)

  • PTO after 6 months (in the works!)

  • A 3% Matching IRA

  • Paid staff meetings and some paid continuing education opportunities

  • Fun bonuses and incentives!

  • Meals while working!

  • Teach in an environment that is committed to building people up and committed to unity!

  • New facility with lots of outdoor space AND an indoor gym!

  • Direct deposit paychecks!

  • Be immersed in a positive and healthy working environment with a small family feel.

  • Various staff appreciation events!

  • Options for group rate supplementary insurances.
  • An environment focused on learning through play!

Interested? Please fill out our form below:

Melanie W
melanie w 2
Melanie W

I started working at Little Sprouts in February of 2012 during my time as a student at UW-Stout. I was drawn to Little Sprouts because of their passion for children and education. I had previously worked in a corporate daycare and preschool setting where it was becoming more evident that it wasn’t as much about the kids as it was about the money. I knew Little Sprouts was committed to the children and families they work with, because they are passionate about what they do!

Shortly after I started working at Sprouts I learned that I was not just an employee, but that I was a part of a team, or I even like to call them “my Little Sprouts family”. I always felt appreciated and encouraged as an employee at Sprouts. I spent two years at Sprouts and I absolutely loved every minute of it! My former coworkers at Sprouts have become some of my dearest friends who I still keep in contact with to this day! Also, I enjoyed how well we got to know the children and families we worked with at Sprouts everyday!

To attest to the kind of people the team at Little Sprouts are, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma after my time at Sprouts had come to an end and my Little Sprouts family was so kind as to hold a benefit in my honor to help with medical expenses, even though I had moved to Virginia Beach, VA. They were able to raise just over $2,000 for my medical expenses! I may be thousands of miles away, but Little Sprouts will always be special to me and a part of my family!